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A Great Name Can Inspire a Great Identity . company and brand names I've developed for clients

Angelkraft . company name for a German artist who crafts angels by hand
ApotheCary Lab . company name, after the founding R & D chemist, Cary Monroe
F'Lips . brand name for lip balms, trademark registered 1996
Floressentials . brand name for bath and body products, fragranced solely by floral essential oils
Houstorian . company name for a historian who researches and writes about landmark houses
Machanical . company name for an Apple (Mac) computer technician
Resounding Joy . business name to supercede Resounding Faith Music Ministries
SunDab . brand name for sunscreen sponge applicator, trademark registered 1999
Sun Petals . brand name for signature bath and body products, retailed by The Breakers, Palm Beach, FL
Viavo . brand name for avocado-based bath and body products

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